Hickory Handle Ball-Peen Hammer


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Elaborately manufactured with premium quality in mind
Designed with the highest accuracy and professionalism
Tough design, ergonomic handles, and excellent usability
Proudly crafted in the USA using the finest grade materials
The company that is today Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co., was founded in Peoria, Illinois by Alexander Vaughan. It began as a plumbing business, which in those days consisted of digging wells and piping water into the kitchens of the local citizenry. Alexander’s business prospered, but the inventive, 18-year old blacksmith had his eye on bigger things.

The split-rail fencing of farmland was beginning to be replaced by steel posts and wire. Alexander had an idea for improving the design of the augers used for digging post holes. He turned idea into reality, and believing that Chicago would outstrip Peoria as a business center, moved to the Windy City. He set up a blacksmith shop in a room behind a hardware store owned by Sidney Bushnell.


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