Wood Handle Ball-Peen Hammer


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Designed to help to get your job done right
Manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials
Built to provide exceptional levels of durability
Proto offers more than just tools. What company really offers customers is: peace of mind. Proto makes tools in America; Not because it’s cheaper and not because it??s convenient. Proto don’t even do it out of a sense of pride. Company makes tools in America, because put simply…it’s how they can ensure making the best quality tool they can. And in the rare instance when company can’t make a tool in America, people do so because… again, making the highest quality tools comes first.

For over 110 years, Proto Industrial Tools have been made in America. From it’s wrenches, sockets, ratchets and torque tools manufactured in Dallas, Texas to screwdrivers made in Cheraw, South Carolina or even it’s industrial storage solutions engineered and built in Georgetown, Ohio, Proto takes pride in knowing tools are built at the highest quality standards. Proto engineers and manufactures in America knowing that it’s tools are safe, reliable and help get the job done.


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